Weapons of mass destruction?

Who do they think they are? Who? The Americans!

What a big joke the Americans seem to be playing, what a farce, what a most stupid mentality that I have ever seen by the USA....the USA Government and its followers I mean. What a farce what a joke, who do they think they are kidding!?? Weapons of mass destruction they say! What a load of brainwashing rubbish that I have ever seen. DO they think that we are all believing what they are saying? What a two faced country and people I have ever known.

Weapons of mass destruction? Aren't they looking in the wrong direction! Who has the weapons of mass destruction in the whole world? THE USA of course! Weapons of mass destruction are in their own land! They want to use their weapons of mass destruction on any other country in the world whom they dont like!
The US has such a mass of destructive equipments enough to make us afraid of them, more than Iraq or any other country in that region. Who is going to send the weapons inspectors to their back yard? When will they finally declare that they have the mass destruction weapons instead of trying to fool us all into believing the others are the ones with terrible weapons. Such a world LIE have I never seen in my whole life, such a conspiracy I have never seen. Such an obvious trick of fooling and brainwashing the masses makes me open my mouth in disbelief. Now I can see how intelligent they are. They dont even reach the level of a human being in this state of error and falsehood. Thats why this country is such a danger now to world peace! The US is arming itself to the teeth! Spending so much on weapons of mass destruction which make me wonder where this civilization is really heading. And they claim to be civilized!

No! Fooling the world they may try, but the majority of the masses can see through their war plans, but what can we do about it? Its as if the school "Bully" is really going to take it out on anyone who doesnt see eye to eye with their level of thinking. Force is the only way they know..............so far? Will it ever change?

Weapons of mass destruction.....where are they now? The enemies of the United States dont need to look far for what they want. They can find all that they want in the US! Such a shame all this waste on weapons, its actually just a business to keep their war industries alive, to be always number one. To be number one in war machinery will never last, you will only make your people poorer, poorer and poorer. Its a poor mind that wants to attack and kill, and to rule by force. There is no force in religion. Do they want us to be all like them. No way man! Stand up against America..............the Bully of the world!

Lets learn to MAKE "PEACE"....................its here, but not with America!