Im Namen Allahs, des Erbarmers, des Barmherzigen.
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.



Oh dear, what a world!
What an evil world it is! Justice, injustice, all just words? Who has rights and who doesnt? Its easy............. EASY you say? Yes easy, so easy as asking an innocent child. They are not damaged yet or corrupted by the masses and media until they get older. Wouldnt it be easier if we were all children in our hearts. We grow up and what happens to our hearts?

We are infleunced from the beginning from where we live, with whom we live, and what we see and hear------------plus many other things. But still, if you ask a child whats right and whats wrong, you usually get a very sober CLEAR CUT CLEAN answer! Its only the adults who make life so complicated and unjust!

Ask a child this:- " If someone forces their way into your home and takes and steals whatever he wants, is that right? If he steals your land, steals your future, steals your parents, steals your life by killing the old,the women, the children? Is that right? If a country like Britain, America, and all the Western countries gave these people the right to do so, would it still be right?"
What would you call these people who do this kind of things today?
CHILD: A Terrorist of Course! Terrorists yes........AXIS OF EVIL!.

What more proof do you want, or you prefer to stay an Adult! Dont build that wall in your heart...............break it down now! (Is the West so stupid that THEY THINK THEY ARE CIVILIZED?) Who the hell do they think they are Brainwashing! SHEEP!

Not me for a start anyway thanks be to GOD! Plus they try to stop everyone who speaks the truth against them! I call them just SCHOOL BULLIES! And to Israel & the West I say this " Stop complaining, you started all this mess, and you are called to account for what YOU did and PLANNED!
So stop saying the others are at fault, what do you expect! We are against Bullies, no matter how big they are or think they are!

Children and Adults have a right to speak freely ! To freely decide who is a Terrorist and who is not ! (And when you decide, dont be counted as one of those sheep!)